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Chenguang New Materials
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Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd. (stock code: 605399) is a special chemical company that develops, produces and sells functional silane basic raw materials, intermediates, and downstream products. From product research and development, to the design of production processes and procedures, to the innovation of production equipment, Chenguang New Materials has independent intellectual property rights and patent protection throughout the entire industry chain. Chenguang New Materials is also the first company listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the functional silane industry.
Our customers are all over the world, but people rarely see our products directly in their lives, but our products are closely related to life. The tires of a car when traveling, the glass curtain wall of an office building, the wires and cables in life, and the fuselage of an airplane when traveling, these products that people come into contact with all the time contain functional silanes.
Only a little bit of functional silane can bring about an excellent improvement in the performance of these products. TA can make tires more wear-resistant, make glass curtain walls more firmly bonded, make wires and cables safer, and make aircraft fuselages more durable. More able to withstand the wind and sun. TA is a hero who silently guards people's lives. This is the charm of Chenguang New Materials.
We can not only provide customers with mature products and services, but also provide customers with innovative and differentiated solutions. Using our innovations to create value for customers is the constant purpose of Chenguang New Materials for more than 20 years.

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