Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd.
Chemical Name
The Corresponding Trademark
CG-Si69 40372-72-3 Bis[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide Si-69, A-1289
CG-Si75 56706-10-6 Bis(triethoxysilylpropyl) disulfide Si-75
KH-580 4420-74-0 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane
KH-590 14814-09-6 3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane
CG-Si50 Mixture of bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide (50%) and carbon black
Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd.

We have strict production management system that conforms to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO18001 standards
Focus on the R&D, manufacture and sales of coupling agent, coupling agent monomer,
coupling agent intermediate and other coupling agent series products.